Basic Attention Token Airdrop


Basic Attention Token uses blockchain technology to create a more efficient digital advertising system. The token serves as a means of exchange between publishers, advertisers, and users, all on the Ethereum blockchain. The token’s value is based on the user’s attention, which is defined as their focused mental engagement.

Experience fast, private, and secure browsing with the latest free and open-source web browser. Developed by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, this browser comes equipped with an ad and tracking blocker. Load pages up to 2x faster on desktop and 8x faster on mobile.

Download the Brave browser from their website and start earning free BAT tokens by watching ads. This site is not affiliated with Brave Software, Inc.

Step by step guide


Download and install the Brave browser for your device


Start the browser and click on the BAT logo next to the address bar


A popup will occur where you can enable BAT rewards by clicking on “Join Rewards”


Now visit the reward settings which appear in the pop-up or just enter “brave://rewards/” as URL and turn on Brave Ads


Now advertisements are faded in. Use the browser regularly, look at the ads, and earn 70% of the revenue – BAT receives 30% of the revenue
You can see a list of supported countries here


There are also monthly grants – once a grant is available a notification will appear and you can get around 25-40 BAT tokens

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