Collab.Land Airdrop


Collab.Land is a tool for managing communities using token ownership as a basis for membership. They verify that prospective members have the required token(s) to join and periodically check to ensure that they still meet the requirements.

The COLLAB token is mainly for governance purposes within the Collab.Land ecosystem. Decentralization is one of their core values, and they are offering community stewardship opportunities to interested parties.

Who can claim the Collab.Land token? Sponsored claims are available for the following four groups, meaning that Collab.Land will cover the gas fee and no wallet connection is necessary:

  1. Verified members of Discord or Telegram communities
  2. Top 100 Discord communities on Collab.Land
  3. Holders of Collab.Land Patron NFTs (tokens 1-142)
  4. Holders of Collab.Land Membership NFTs

The snapshot was taken on February 14th, 2023, for groups #1 and #2. Eligible parties can claim their COLLAB tokens until February 23rd, 2023.

Step by step guide


Visit Collab.Land’s Airdrop Page


Start your claim and choose to authorize your Discord or Telegram account
If you wish to authorize both, you will go through the token claim again.
If you are a Collab.Land Membership NFT or Patron NFT holder, join the Collab.Land Discord and claim your role before continuing with the token claim process.


Follow the steps to learn about COLLAB and Collab.Land DAO


Once your distribution is determined, you need to submit the Ethereum wallet address you wish to receive your tokens.
No message signature is required
No gas pay is required


Collab.Land will send COLLAB tokens to that wallet address

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