Dracoo World Promo


Dracoo World is a blockchain-based virtual world that centers around the Dracoo intellectual property. This platform features a range of game types and communities, empowering players to construct their own games and make money.

Using the blockchain, users can buy and sell virtual land, and leverage the map editor and game editor to produce one-of-a-kind gaming experiences. Furthermore, players can access diverse Web3 applications and ecosystems across the globe, and import external NFTs into the Dracoo World environment.

During the airdrop promotion, Dracoo World is offering $4,500 worth of BAS tokens. Rewards: 45 lucky winners will receive $100 worth of BAS tokens each. In addition, the top five entries will be awarded with an in-game NFT.

Step by step guide


Visit Dracoo World’s Airdrop Page and register with your details


Follow Dracoo World’s Twitter Page and retweet the mentioned tweet


Join Dracoo World’s Discord Channel


Visit the Dracoo World website


Subscribe to the Dracoo World’s YouTube Channel


Submit your details to the airdrop page

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