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Iskra is a premier destination that provides an excellent platform for players, developers, and investors to explore the thrills and opportunities of Web3 gaming, with the added benefit of being part of a vibrant community.

Iskra’s airdrop promotion is currently offering a total of 5,500 USDT and 5,500 ISK tokens as rewards. The top performers in the promotion will receive varying amounts of USDT and ISK tokens, with the first-place winner receiving 750 USDT and 750 ISK tokens, the second-place winner receiving 500 USDT and 500 ISK tokens, and the third-place winner receiving 250 USDT and 250 ISK tokens. Additionally, the top 400 on the current sprint leaderboard will each earn 10 USDT and 10 ISK tokens.

Experience points may also be taken into account for future giveaways of game tokens and NFTs. Iskra has allocated $7,000 worth of tokens for this airdrop, and the promotion operates on the Ethereum blockchain with a referral system.

Step by step guide


Visit Iskra’s Airdrop Page and connect your Metamask wallet


Follow Iskra’s Twitter Page, like, share, and comment on the mentioned tweet


Join Iskra’s Telegram Group


Join Iskra’s Discord Channel


Do different Tasks on their platform and earn entries

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