OpenSea Pro x Gemesis Airdrop


OpenSea was created to cater to a diverse group of users, including enthusiasts, collectors, and individuals new to the crypto world.

In contrast, OpenSea Pro primarily caters to power users, who are a crucial part of today’s ecosystem. As users have different requirements, OpenSea’s platforms will be tailored to meet the unique needs of each user group, from their user interfaces to their features and fee structures.

Over the last few months, the Gem team has been diligently working on developing and refining their platform into its latest version, Gem v2. Today, they have joined forces with OpenSea to introduce OpenSea Pro (previously known as Gem v2) – the fastest and most robust NFT marketplace aggregator available.

If you have previously used Gem, you are eligible to create a Gemesis NFT for free.

Step by step guide


Visit the Gemesis collection page and connect your wallet


If eligible, you can mint your Gemesis NFT for free

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