Presearch Airdrop


Presearch is a search engine that operates on a decentralized and open platform, where users are rewarded with Presearch tokens for their contributions and usage of the search engine.

As part of their airdrop promotion, Presearch offers 25 PRE tokens (~$1.99) to participants who complete simple tasks, and they also have a referral program where users can earn additional PRE tokens. Presearch is currently listed on Coingecko and ranks at #585 based on its market capitalization.

To qualify for the 25 tokens bonus per referral, the referred user must earn 100 search reward tokens and be active for 60 days after signing up. Withdrawals require a minimum of 1,000 PRE tokens.

Step by step guide


Register on Presearch’s Website


Earn an extra 0.25 PRE for every search done on the platform up to 8 PRE per day.

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