Sweatcoin Airdrop


The Sweatcoin app is designed to incentivize users to stay active by converting their daily steps into a new-generation currency that can be used to purchase cool products, donate to charity, or convert into SWEAT. The idea behind this app is that taking care of your health not only benefits you, but it also benefits society as a whole. By using Sweatcoin, you can help save billions in healthcare costs and increase productivity. Additionally, the app offers easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies by converting your steps into the crypto currency SWEAT, with no investment required and no capital at risk.

Step by step guide


Download the Sweatcoin App


Create an account


Go to Marketplace and then Crypto, where you can create your SWEAT wallet.


Now start walking to earn Sweatcoins. You get 1 SWEAT for 1.000 steps and there is a maximum of 10 SWEAT (10.000 steps) per day as a free user.


You also can earn some extra SWEAT for watching ads on a daily basis.


Coins will be redeemable 1:1 against SWEAT on launch day.

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