SwissBorg App Airdrop


SwissBorg aims to democratize wealth management and create an enjoyable, fair, and community-centered experience. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, SwissBorg has a global team of 200+ members and holds a Virtual Currency License, enabling it to provide virtual currency exchange and wallets worldwide.

Upon downloading the SwissBorg Wealth App, users can win a prize in CHSB tokens ranging from €1 to €100. In addition, successful referrals will earn both the referrer and the referee a reward ticket, which can also be worth €1 to €100 in CHSB.

Step by step guide


Download the Swissborg Wealth App


Verify yourself and do the KYC procedure.


Deposit €50 or more (or equivalent in your currency).


You and your friend will both receive a reward ticket. Scratch your ticket to reveal your CHSB prize. A ticket has a reward of between€1 and €100.

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