Unstoppable Domains NFT Domain Airdrop


Unstoppable Domains aims to empower individuals by returning control of the internet to them. Through the creation of NFT domains, they offer users complete control over their data. These unique domains are not just regular ones but instead, they have special features. By owning an Unstoppable domain, users can utilize it as their cryptocurrency address, login to the decentralized web, and universal username. The best part is, it’s a one-time payment and it’s yours forever.

Sign up now and receive a free .NFT Domain that matches your Twitter handle. With your Unstoppable domain, you can easily own your Twitter name, transact in crypto, and distinguish yourself from others.

Step by step guide


Register on Unstoppable Domains’s Website


Verfiy your email


Visit the UnstoppableDomains.com/Twitter page and click on Verify Twitter to get your free .NFT domain


Add your NFT domain name as your Twitter name and start minting with no cost (A gas fee will apply).

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