V2X Airdrop


V2X is a decentralized exchange (DEX) designed to be the next generation of perpetual trading. The team behind V2X is a group of DeFi enthusiasts who aim to create an alternative to centralized entities that threaten the sustainability of the crypto market.

To safeguard user assets against exploitation by non-transparent and unstable centralized exchanges like FTX, they propose V2X as the ultimate solution.

V2X is currently in the testing phase and may distribute its own token to testers in the future. It’s important to note that these tokens are only used for testing purposes and have no real value. V2X may also consider an airdrop for early adopters on the mainnet in the future.

Step by step guide


Visit the V2X testnet page


Connect your Arbitrum wallet
We recommend using Metamask


Get some testnet ETH (Ethereum Goerli network) here
Bridge some testnet ETH from Ethereum Goerli network to Arbitrum Goerli here


Go back to V2X and click on “Getmock-USD for trading” to get mock USD


Deposit mock USD on V2X and start trading on the platform

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